Sunday 25 May 2014

London shopping: Creative edition

I could not find my giant hobby store i have marked on one of my maps.. well... because i freaking forgot that map.. genius Helene... but i found some smaller once around the hotel and on a side street from Oxford Street called Ryman. It's a great shop and they have a lot of different things for the hobbyist.

The Ryman near the hotel was not that big but i got a folder and plastic pockets in A5 which is hard to find in DK, but they fits perfectly for my drawing now that i mostly use A5 size paper. 

The Ryman near Oxford Street was a little bigger and had a few things i could use. These are skine tones colour pencils which i just needed. I already have the 36 pack Faber Castell colours (link to the left in Drawing and tools) but it does not have all these skintone colours. Derwent is a brand i know (i have the charcoal pencils) so there was no doubt when i found these. I needed them!

Yes these are pencils from HB to 8B i think and yes they are really horrible and draws like shit, but i got them because i liked the case they were in! I replace them with the drawing things i use the most and i can have my A5 paper in it ass well so i got myself a new pencil case that my pencils will not get ruined by!

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