Wednesday 14 May 2014

POP pilates for beginners calendar

Now that im home from London i can finally do some workout again! 
I have something with my neck and the workout keeps it away, so that is some kind of motivation.
Im not an expert so as i have been writing about before here, i have been following a workout program from Blogilates. It works but it just gets boring doing the same over and over again. 

But on her homepage there is a beginners calendar to POP pilates i want to try out to make my body stronger. Also i really want to reach my goal in weight, a flat stomach and maybe my neck can stop hurting so i can sleep with a normal soft pillow again! 

I started today so i already did the first days workout. She starts with a quick lesson in how to breath and keep the stomach flat, so you get as much out of it as possible. The worst was my arms.. i have the weakest arms ever omg. 

Here is her intro text and the calendar. Also all the videos you follow is linked so you don't have to find them yourself on youtube!

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