Monday 19 May 2014

London Sightseeing

Every one knows what Big Ben is and the London eye etc. so of course i was there this time too. There is not much fun in taking the same pictures again, cause i have seen them before. Or? Last time was there i had a shitty camera and i was 12kg heavier. So the outcome of the new pictures are a lot better after my opinion.

Oh and a thing i didn't do last time was to trying London Eye. It was an incredible view and it was fun to see how big Hyde Park actually was and how close Buckingham Palace was.

Tower Bridge with a classic red London coach. Lord Nielson and the lion from Trafalgar square. Aaaand me near Big Ben.

 View from Hungerford Bridge and the most random thing i have ever seen... the Blue Cock on Trafalgar square.

View from London eye. Don't think it was the highest, but on the way down.

House of parliaments and Big Ben... Me with messy hair. Messy hurr don't curr!

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