Friday 24 June 2016

5sos concert 28-05-16

About a month ago i went to the 5 Seconds of Summer concert i bought tickets for even longer time ago!
Not gonna lie; i am still wearing the wristband because Camilla and i had freaking Soundcheck tickets!

THe day before the show i met up with some friend i had never actually met in real life before. They are some other danish fans that i met on twitter. I have known one of them for a longer time because we were both Tokio Hotel fans and somehow became friends on Facebook without acutally knowing each other at some point. But it was super fun and we were kind of waiting for 5 Seconds of Summer to hit the town, because we knew they had a day off. Jokes on us when we had walked around Herning the whole day and we finds out they had been in Aarhus the whole day instead. *sadface*
But it was awesome to finally put some faces on the ghosts i have been writing with online for over a year now!

We were at the venue at 2pm to get in line to get out wristbands and lanyards which said VIP all over them. We were sat in a line on the floor - which was kind of annoying when you are wearing a corset - before we walked in and were sat on the 3 first rows of chair in front of the stage. Sadly Camilla and i were split up and we sat in each our end of the venue doing the soundcheck.
The boys came out and said hello and played Long Way Home which is my favorite song from the first album so the feels hit me so hard right from the start! After that they sat down on the edge of the stage and a microphone was giving around so we could ask them questions. I'm the kind of shy fangirl loser that didn't dare to ask them anything and just sat there ans questioned my existence on this earth...
But it was a nice experience to hear them talk and get kind of "personal" with them in a way that not everyone get to be. Also they were speaking directly to us and not a TV camera or something.

At the concert we were standing as close to the stage as passible in Michael site of the stage. He almost stole the whole show at times because he was dancing or running around the stage all the time. But as the Ashton girl i am, i was standing in the wrong spot! Even though i could not get any close to him, his head was hidden behind a crash the whole concert.

The whole show was awesome and it was nice to hear the new songs live, finally!! But there was two things that kept nagging me.
1. They didnøt play Safty Pin, which i think is weird now that they have the logo from the song all over the album and the internet.
2. The sound was really high pitch at times doing the concert. At first i thought it was only me and didn't mention it, but the morning after when Camilla and i woke up we talked about it and she thought the same. Maybe it was bacause we were standing so close to the stage? We will never know! But it was a good opportunity to take some great photos!

Shout out to my moms new camera!

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