Monday 9 November 2015

Soundcheck tickets for 5sos!

I am SO excited about this!
Last month I managed to get these holy tickets for 5 Seconds Of Summers upcoming Tour 'Sounds Live Feels Live'!
I must say i was so nervous that morning that i cound not eat and my stomach hurted. I had to leave class 15 min before the sale that started at 10AM because i was jumping up and down in the chair. Basiclly! I'm pretty sure that those who saw me in the common area thought i was on something xD

But i refreshed the page 100 times and was on skype with some other fans who also wanted tickets.
I was very close to screaming when i saw i got the tickets for me and Camilla. I was shaking so much of excitement that i had a hard time writing my credit card infromation so i could pay for them.

I got the freaking soundcheck tickets so we can watch them already at soundcheck and after that they will sit down and let us talk a bit with them. Ask some questions and stuff. After that we have some crazy good spots in front of that stage on the left which is Michaels side of the stage!!

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