Wednesday 29 June 2016

Karup Å koncert 2016

Yet again i went to the yearly event at Hessellund Sø Camping. It is a tradition in our family to go there every year and nothing is changing from year to year except the music.
My uncle and his fiancé came Saturday and my grandparents Sunday so of course i baked some brownies as usual even though it was in between my exams.

This year we had a pretty good lineup considered it was almost only Danish music (which i'm not a big fan of in general). I have never been a fan of Queen and thought i didn't knew any of there songs so i stayed behind when my family went down to listen to Queen Machine. I crawled up in the top of the tower on the playground on the camp site and watched them go on stage from there. It turned out that i knew more of their songs than i thought and i could sing along most of the songs. So i ended up crawling down again and went up close to the stage where i found some of my friends who is actually fans of queens. It was pretty good in the end and a awesome show! The ending where the frontsinger dressed himself as a king was priceless!

Later came Johnny Logan. I know i know... He is kind of old and sings Irish Folk but i actually kind of like it. My dad has always listened to Irish Folk so natually i know many of the songs already. I found a band called Celtic Thunder and they are all extremely talented singers and they pretty much sing alot of the songs that Johnny Logan sings as well. Of course we got all his songs from his entries at Eurovision and i 100% sure that the ladies next to me close to the stage was about to faint when Logan buttoned up some of the buttons in his shirt while singing 'Hold me now'. It was SO funny!!

As the final band came Lars Lilholt Band of course. Again this year they had now members with them and i can't keep up with them anymore. I was with my friends again and sang along to the old songs and was all nostalgic. The drummer was a lot better this year. He was new last year and it was like he hadn't found the real "Lars Lilholt sound" but he was nailing it this year and even gave a small drum solo. I love me some drums!

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