Sunday 19 June 2016

Cococay - Royal Caribbean's own island

The second Island we were visiting in Bahamas was a small island called Cococay. It is owned by the cruise company Royal Caribbean so we were the only ones on the island which was pretty awesome. You had to get another boat into the island, because the water was pretty low around the island, so it took some time to get of the ship. Everyone wanted to get out at the same time, but the other boats were pretty small comparing to Majesty of the Seas.
The island is full of activity you can buy a ticket to at the cruise. My friends and i rented some snorkling gear and i went snorking for the first time.
I am an old professionel swimmer so i didn't think much of it at first because i know i can do that shit, but it was a whole other feeling to it, when you can only breath through your mouth. I got a hang of it pretty quickly but i didn't like to dive with the thing in my mouth. So when ever i wanted to get close to some of the colourful fish i took it out and just dived without it. I felt a little too claustrophobic.

A sad thing about my snorkling trip was that the corals was pretty much dead. They were very grey and colourless, so the amount of fish was also at a minimum. I actually adressed the issue in a short report i made for my exam about ethical tourism, you can read it here. But one thing i totally loved was the parts from a ship that was spread across the bottom of the sea. The fish that was left was all over those part. There was actually a small plane there as well. I guess they have been placed there but it was beautiful to see anyways. I'm still angry at myself that i could not find a underwater camera. Of course i found it at the small market as soon i gave the rental station their gear back. Typical!

One thing i absolutly loved was the fact that it was Royal Caribbean's own island so all the food and drinks was included in the cruise ticket, so you only needed your room card. There is some locals from other islands that takes a boat out there and sells stuff, so it could be smart to bring som money, but if you don't need souvenirs then you grab the free towel from the cruise and go on land.
The island can do it all. Lying on the beach all day or parasailing? You can do what you want!

The view of Majesty of the Seas from the shore.
Picture borrowed from one of my classmates. Taked with a GoPro.

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