Sunday 5 June 2016

Been away from the blog..

...for quite some time actually. I have had so much stuff to do because of the exams but they are over now and i passed 2. semester with awesome grades, so now i'm hopefully back to update from time to time. 

I have some old drafts laying around for this blog, so the things i will be writing about are stuff that happned looong time ago (not done with the Florida trip) and lots have been happening after that as well that i want to share with you guys.
One of my exams was actually about blogging/writing about the topics in the traveling industry so i did write about the topics like Sharing economy, terrorism impact on tourism, outbounding tourism and the ethics about traveling. You can find my small assignments HERE if you want. I got 12 for them (highest score in DK) so i guess they must be good. 

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