Monday 8 February 2016

USA: first impression

I am now well rested and in Orlando!
After the longest flight is my life with over an hour delay we are finally here! Yeah the flight from Frankfurt was a lot longer when you have a sick passenger that starts to get ill before take off, so they had to let him off the plane and find his luggage among 1000 of bags.

My first impression of USA was "shit everything is huge here!" From the airport to the Disney area vacation homes was one huge hotel after the other. The cars that we are renting are the biggest cars I have ever been in and nothing like the ones we have in Denmark. And also.. I have never seen SO much fast food in my life. It's everywhere! And wallmart? Gigantic!!!

The houses are really awesome; at least the one I'm staying in. I have heard from others, that they have some dirty sheets and some of the furniture are very used and old. Some of the houses only have sheets for sleeping and no real duvet which is a problem when it is so cold today. It's a little disappointing that it is so cold and we all only have small summer jackets with us. So I'm just laying under the duvet, which I'm grateful for i have right now.

Super bowl was at night and it was quite tame. We were running from house to house to see who had the CBS channel on their TV,  and only the ones with the oldest TV could see it so we all ended up there drinking whatever and eating junk. I must admit I was hit hard by the jetlag and went home to sleep before the match was over but I stayed until the halftime show. It was pretty awesome!

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