Wednesday 3 February 2016

Before Florida: As a Toursim management student

Besides a post or more about my Florida trip, i will be making a few about the trip before and after for the academy i'm studying at.

This post is to help future students to get ready for their trip, if they need it of course. I like to be prepared for everything before i go anywhere and some of these tips are also from my classmates now that i haven't been to 'murica before myself.

Be in good time!
All the 35 places on the trip was gone in 1 day! Some of us even stayed up until 12pm to write the e-mail to the teacher to make sure that we got a spot on the trip.
Check your passport
Your pasport should be valid until 3 month after you get home from Florida. If it isn't you should get a new one! And have a copy of it with you, so if it gets stolen, you can still travel home!
Get a tablet
It's not something you HAVE to do, but a computer is heavy in the luggage and the teachers insured us that a tablet is enough for what we are going to do on the trip. A smartphone is not enough though.
Get your ESTA or VISA in good time
And for the love of god, print it as soon as you get it or save it as a PDF on your computer. It may dissapear in their system and you will have to pay for it again. (Yes this happened!) You will need to bring it with you as a print anyway.
Get a good Travel Insurance
I'm sure you can buy it along with the ticket when you pay for the trip but if you have your own insurance or your parents have one, you can save some money by buying through theirs and make sure that it is not only a European insurance! (I always buy Gouda which has an app as well)
Save up some money
I know it can be hard to do while studying but i knew about the trip before i even started on this education so i had some time to save up some money. There will be a lot of opportunities for having fun and well... shopping.
Print every piece of information out
It shouldn't be necessary to say this but now that i have been going to a guide school i have seen examples on so many stupid guests that didn't think they had to bring anything because 'the travel agency got all my information' yeah well.. The teachers and travel agency will send you a lot of infomation! bring it all!
Need of data and WIFI
I don't know when Denmark will make it free to use your phone in every other country but until now 3 has something called 3LikeHome so you can use your phone for free in the USA (and almost everywhere else). You can call them and ask if they can give you a SIM-card only for a month so you can use it in Florida. It only cost around 250DKK for a month. (this do not work in Bahamas)
Adoptor for your headphones
I know this sounds weird but you will need an adoptor for your headphones on the plane. You can get one cheap in Tiger store.
Clothes to Wine and Food festival
You are going to work a few days at the Wine and Food festival on SOBE. They require you are wearing khaki coloured shorts that goes to right above the knees. I got a pair in H&M for only 150DKK but you can get them when you are over there as well.
The american plugs is not like the danish! If you are going to charge your phone, tablet and so, you will need an adaptor. You can get them in hardware stores at home or wait till you get to US and buy them in one of the large stores usually a bit cheaper than in DK.
Extra credit card
Always have a extra credit card with you. It has been seen before that someone got theirs stolen and because of that it was hard for them to get on the cruise ship! And well.. buy stuff. So have the number on your phone to your bank so they can block your card if someone takes it!
Taxes and tips
Taxes is not included in the prices over there. In Florida you should add around 6% to the prices. And tips is not in the bills! So if you eat out you will have to add around 15-20% of the price in tips! You can get apps on your phone that can calculate it all for you!
Make a fun list
I don't know if it is just me but i think alot about all the thing i want to try out. So what do YOU want to do in Florida, US? Personally i want to try a corndog and try to find some of the famous 'pumpkin spice' and try and make my own fancy drinks when i get home.
Search some information about Florida!
You are going to be there for a month! Find out where you are going to stay and search the area on google maps or something! I can give you a bit of help here:

Universal studios twitter update
Wine and Food festival twitter update
Disney World twitter update
Search all kind of events in the area you are staying (concerts, theater etc.)
Kissimmee Orlando area
Miami Beach area
Tripadvisor (tips from other travelers)

Me and 5 others are chosen to update on social medias and make videos on the trip. You can find some of the contents on the hashtag down below on instagram
And i will be trying me best to update on the hashtag:

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