Sunday 28 February 2016

Disney World Orlando

So! One of the things I was looking most forward to DISNEY WORLD! I am a huge disney fan it was magical! Team there was a huge amountof people so the characters could not go around us so I didn't really get to meet any of the characters, but it was really good anyway. The whole disney world was one big fairytale and somehow what I expected. When you get there you have to take the train or the ferry which is actually really clever because it is basically waiting time but when you are being "active" by being on the ferry.

The food we got there was not the best and you have to know where to go and you have to reserve a table as soon as you get there, if you want to eat at the best restaurants where the disney characters are walking around. So it would be a good idea if I'm going another time.

The fireworks and the parades were the best about it all. The lines was very long because it was Saturday, so we saw most of the parades instead of trying all the rides. The one in the evening was especially good. It was a big lightshow with all the well-known characters. Personally I loved Peter Panasonic even though it was not the famous Peter is have seen around on Tumblr and YouTube. It was also interesting to see the characters in real life now that I went to an audition myself to be one of them.
The firework was the best though. It was with all the classic songs and Tinker Bell actually flew from the top of the castle to start it aLloyd.  It was quite a show. I will recommend everyone visiting to stay and watch the fireworks even though it is quite late. It's almost impossible to get bad pictures there!

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