Friday 19 February 2016

Legoland Orlando

I know I'm a little behind do on the writing but I'll try to catch up now!

When we were in  Orlando we went to Legoland which was quite anice experience.  It's funny to see a Americanen version of something so Danish as Legoland. We are all used to the Legoland in Billund so it was fun to see how little a different there was to the parkside but still it was a whole other experience because of the peoplesales different view of costumer service, the environment and we'll.. it's America!

We met up with Kim - who is not a girl but a Danish guy! - who have been working outside Denmark the last 15 years. I have been thinking working outside Denmark as well so it was nice to hear a really personal story from another dane. When we were at Valencia College we were told to "just do it" and go abroad but Kim told us to think first and do what your heart tells you. You can not  over 10 times in a month just because of a job. You have friends you have to stay contacted with and family that may move with you and so on. He was interesting to listen to for sure! His two British coworkers also told their story from the bottom of the service industry to the top where they are now. And it sounds like it is a crazy ride.

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