Saturday 27 February 2016

Experience Kissimmee

Experience Kissimmee was our first company visit. They made a presentation for us and one of the more interesting. They made a presentation -first one for the sport and event students - and then for all of us. Experience Kissimmee had a lot to do with sport and sport events so they were very proud of how many partners they had and what they could make happen between them.
I do believe they told us that they had more than 1300 partners in their programme which is a lot! You could even be a partner for free.
Even though they had a lot of partners they had a great relationship with so many of them. They showed us that by introducing us to one of them and his little pet alligator. It was a dude from a alligator park they had as their partner and he brought Fluffy with him and we could try and hold him if we wanted. It was not like a huge alligator like we see on TV but a little 3 years old on that your hold with one hand if so. Do I have tonly mention that it peed on him 3 times while we were there?
But that he came with fluffy really showed what you can make happen if you have a great relationship with partners, coworkers osv even though you do two totally different jobs on a daily basis.

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