Sunday 27 November 2016

MustCat - A catamaran trip in the Atlantic

Before we went to Tenerife we could see the list of different trips we could book. My dad has done a lot of sailing when he was young so naturally we should get ourself on a boat somehow.
We ended up booking a trip with a huge catamaran boat called MustCat. The special thing with the tourist catamaran boats is the net in the front where you can lay right over the water, while the boat is sailing.

The crew on board was really nice and jokingly. They were playing around with people and was really good at explaing the creatures around us (whales and dolphins). They spoke 3 different languages so that everyone could follow along. They served a lot of different dirnks on board and you could drink as much as you wanted. You had to stay hydrated when you are on the sea for 3 hours in that heat.
While we sailed out one of the crew members asked if we wanted to go diving when we sailed close to the cliffs. I would have said yes big time if i actually had my swimsuit with me but i  was too stupid to do that. It was only 15 euros!!! Next time i will bring my swimsuit and take advantage of the deal. Either way, the french family that had taking over the nets didn't want to lay there when we weren't sailing, so my family took it over afterward and tried to get a small sea tan.

There are few rules on board and the crew started out with repeating these rules in english, german and french. But i just have to mention this really rude french family that no one told off. The boat was for relaxing and whale watching and it was marked where on the boat you could sit, but as soon the whales showed up, the french family was everywhere... Everywhere!!! And they jump in from of people so only they could see the whales. Another rule was that children under 12 could not stay in the nets, because the holes are big and they could fall through them. These french people didn't care and send their small children out on them and you could only be 4 in the net at a time, but these french people... they didn't care and send theit children out even though there were already 4 people in the net. When we were sailing home the little girl started to kick me... all the way back... And apparently stop doesn't mean stop in french. The parents clearly didn't care. So it ruined the trip a bit and i wanted to show you some pictures but many of them is really bad and filled with french people. But i'll cut them out for you.
Almost impossible to cut the french family out of the pictures, but here is little atlantic spotted dolphin and short finned pilot whale

Teide is hiding in the clouds but there was snow on the top!
Chilling in the net 

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