Saturday 13 September 2014

The little mermaid - the musical

I have spend the last few days visiting my godmother for the first time since my baptism. Which means that i had no clue who she was or how she looked like. One thing i knew is that she was a totally awesome and creative person who was more into drawing than me.

The main reason we went to visit her was that she made the costumes for the Disney's The Little Mermaid the Musical and i wanted to see it so badly! We saw her drawings and designs and she told us how she made the costumes and what she made them of. 

In the evening we went to Fredericia Theater to see the musical and it has been many years since i saw a musical so it blew my mind! It was so good and they all sang amazing! It was funny to see the costumes in action now that we have seen them as drawing and then on the actors. 

One thing that amazed me was the actors who played the eels Flotsam and Jetsam! I know one of them is a ballet dancer but the was they moved was so eel like and smooth. It's indescribable and i think you need to see it to get a feeling of it.

Unfortunately i could not take any pictures so these are official pictures from their homepage. 

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