Saturday 20 September 2014

Trekstor eBook-Reader 3.0

As i wrote in my previous post a eBook-Reader is a really good idea if you are traveling a lot, but also if you have a long train journey to work and such. I got mine a few years ago when it was a new thing and i din't have that much money, but im happy with the one i have!

It is the Trekstor eBook-Reader 3.0 and i got it from CDON which is mostly a scandinavian website but im sure you can find Trekstor elsewhere now that it is a German Brand.

You can read many different kinds of files on it, but you can't use the kindle files. Kindle is the most used eBook-Reader but is also more expensive than this one.

Another thing. if you are not very good at computers or solving problems on them, i suggests that you buy the big brother of my eBook Reader, because the one i have is without WIFI so you have to download the eBooks on your computer and put them on manually. That also means, that when you download a eBook from fx CDON it will come in a ACSM file instead of ePub file. So you have to download Adobe Digital Editions that can open your ACSM files and automaticlly makes them a ePub file and drops them in your documents folder under 'My digital editions'. Then you can move them to your eBook reader.

It's NOT everywhere you download eBooks in ACSM files! I have only experienced this on CDON.

As you can see on the picture, you can also read manga on your eBook reader! I found my favorite manga online ready to download in PDF.

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