Wednesday 27 August 2014

New in: Tartan and geeky!

I have been really bad at shopping lately.. bad as in.. too much i think.
Anyway! If you know me you will know that i really like tartan clothes and i use my red tartan skirt (from H&M) as often as possible. So when i was in Odense visiting some friends i found the skirt in blue/green and i just had to get it! *.*  They didn't have it in my size though so i bought it in a size too big. 

To stay with the tartan clothes i found these cool tartan leggings in Danish Factory Outlet! You get 3 for only 100DKK which is pretty cheap! They are very comfy and warm. You can get them on their website, but i guess the red ones are sold out. I am a EU size 38 and i got them in a S/M. 

And now for the geeky part! I can now add another piece of merch to my Harry Potter collection! I found this really cool sweatshirt with the hogwarts logo on ebay on an auction! It was only 20$!! I was so happy i found it *.*

I personally don't know if tartan is "in" right now but i love it! 

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