Tuesday 23 September 2014

Visit Viborg

Today i was a tourist in my own town! My mom had to go to some early meeting so i thought i would go with her into Viborg "downtown" and explore the city like i have never done it before.

Viborg use to be a place i only go for shopping, because the shopping streets are pretty damn good! But i totally forget that Viborg is one of the oldest cities in Denmark and it's pretty charming if you take a look around. 

In the old part of town around Viborg Cathedral you can still find timbered houses in the middle of the city and other old buildings like High Court of Western Denmark. The streets are still made of cobblestone which makes it really annoying to drive around in the old part of town, so i suggests that you park the car in one of the many parkinglots around downtown and take a walk around. 

The Cathedral is placed close to the two lakes in Viborg. Nørresø og Søndersø. Near the lakes is the city park Borgvold. It can be translated to something like Castle Moat. Where the park lays today was once a moat to a castle there is no more, but the park is names after it anyway. It is a flowerpark so if you are visiting in the summertime the park is really pretty and colourfull. 
But let me warn you! There are a lot of ducks in there so if you want to enjoy your meal in the park, don't go near the water unless you want to share! :)
Borgvold is also a place i remember from when is was a kid. There is a big playground in there and it is well visited by kindergardens. 
There is a small flower garden close to the Cathedral as well called Latinerhaven. It's also very beautiful in the summer but it's pretty much withered by now. 

If you want a nice long walk you can go around Søndersø. There is close to 6 km around the lake and there is a well used path all the way around so you are close to the lake all the way around. 
You can also rent a boat in Nørresø and sail around there.

All of this are in the same area of downtown and the Cathedral is also really close to the shopping streets.
Pic 1: Viborg Cathedral and surroundings.

Pic 2: View from Søndersø. The Cathedral in the background and Borgvold to the right.

Pic 3: Boat rental at Nørresø.

Pic 4: Borgvold/Bibelhaven.

Pic 5: Borgvold/Bibelhaven

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