Sunday 7 September 2014

Changing the theme a bit - new layout

Hey you!
I haven't been so active on the blog lately and it's because i don't really like the way it looks or what i write anymore.
Soon im going to Spain to go on the guide school Service & CO which means i will be traviling a lot soon and being away from home and the best WIFI connection possible. So i have been working a lot on some layout and stuff for the blog, so i have forgotten to actually use it, but i want it done before i go to spain.

The theme will be changing as in not so much chitchating and more important - traveling - now that it soon will be my life. I want it to look a lot better than now that it's kinda Harry Potter themed but still be personal.

Im only a few edited pictures away from changing it all :) It will hopefully be more open, welcoming and easy to overview.

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