Tuesday 5 August 2014

Cologne/Köln Shopping

As always i go crazy (well i think i do) when im in any big city. When im with my parents we always end up splitting up so they can go out and get a drink or something while im shopping.
Köln was awesome! There was quite a few awesome stores but i have been shopping a bit too much lately (especially clothes) so i tried to keep my purchases at a minimum.
1. I made a big deal out of not forgetting my sunglass at Majas the week before my vacation.. but guss who forgot them anyway? So i bought two new pairs because my eyes were dying.
2. I have been in 4 different Hard Rock Cafes (Berlin, Prague, London and now Cologne) but i have never bought anything in their shops for myself. So finally i got a sweatshirt which i think i will love when it get colder!
3. Tartan! Do i have to say more? Bought in France though :3
4. The cutes sucks ever *.*  i just had to buy them and i think they look cool with my Underground London platforms!

1.Yes now it's my turn to read The Fault In Our Stars. I got the english version of it and i'll get started with it as soon im done with Divergent!
2. Earrings for my Helix piercing. it's not healing so well so i can't wear them yet, but i just had to buy these!
3. Earphone splitters! instead of sharing one pair of headphones and then it sounds awful because it's stereo, then you can use this and both hear wonderful music *.*  i like these kind of brilliant inventions!!! 
4. A little scrapbook and photocorners. I just need to get started on it now. Cause i have collected quite a few thing i want to put in scrapbooks.

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