Monday 18 August 2014

My 21th birthday

It has been a long week now that both me and my dads birthday is over!
We have birthday only two days apart so for his birthday we invited the family over and i was in the kitchen the whole day before baking 3 cakes and it was crazy. 
He wanted two nougat pies but i wanted to try a strawberry cheesecake so yeah.

On my birthday though we went to a Chinese restaurant where the birthday girl/boy can eat for free! Yesss! 

Another of my friends had birthday the same day as my dad so i was at her place in this week too and she made two cakes as well. 

I had a small birthday party this weekend for some of my closest friends and they brought a cake as well so this week has been filled with cake with cake and a hint of cake. I don't want to eat cake in a long time now... wow...

Anyway i got some really nice giftes! beside a lot of money i got i few things to unwrap even though i just turned 21. 

Funny detail! The purse is made by my uncles girlfriend! It's really cool *.*

I'll do a update later with these pencils because they have been on my wishlist for sooo long!
Birthday outfit! My dad hated the ears but my grandma though they were cute so meeeh!  :C
Dress from H&M

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