Friday 1 August 2014

Monthly Favorites: July

I haven't been active on here the last month and i'm sorry about that, but most of the time i have been in Germany on vacation and in France to visit my family and that was without the holy internet.

Best experience: Even though im no much for admitting it, i really loved seeing my family in France. I only see them one time a year. Last year i didn't even see them! It was crazy to see how big my cousins are now! The oldes is suddenly taller than me! The smallest one is stille freaking adorable!!! And he kissed me on the cheek all the time and awww!!! *.* 

Favorite movie: Just to be the dane i am i have to say the fourth show from Ørkenens sønner. I saw it yesterday with my friend Camilla and it have been long time since we both saw it but we could remember pretty much every line in the whole show xD  I'm glad we were alone cause i think every other person would find it annoying 

Favorite TV-series: Viaplay just updated and now have Scrubs! I loved that series a few years back so im started to watch a episode now and then when im bored

Favorite song: 5 seconds of summer - Out of my limit 
It's so hard choosing one song out of so many! If im alone i listing to music 24/7. But my new obsession is 5 seconds of Summer soooo.

Favorite band/singer: Bowling for Soup! When im drawing i always have my computer next to me with music and Bowling for Soup's album The Great Burrito Extorion Case is almost always on repeat when im not listning to 5sos. 

Favorite youtuber: CinnamonToastKen. I don't know why but he is just great! And he have the cutest dog he named Betty Brutal. It's perfect!

Favorite youtube video: Just because of Ashtons face. 

Favorite game: A game i found a few month back in Germany called The settlers! It's so simple but i can use sooo much time on it. 

Best buy: I hope that it will be the 5sos concert tickets! I still don't know if i can go because i don't know if i have work at that time.

Favorite tea: Feel good Blueberry white icetea*.* It's summer and it's hot so the only tea i have been drinking is icetea. Well beside some "schwarzer Tee" in Germany. Only ONE restaurant we went to knew what a Cylon tea was... all the other places it was just "schwarzer Tee" .... serve some real tea god damnit... The German schwarzer tee is like Medova tea in Denmark.. it's not very good :C 

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