Thursday 21 August 2014

Accessories - Birthday presents

Even though it's kind of a long time since it was my birthday i have something extremely cool things to show you! I use to keep my accessories to a minimum by only wearing a few rings or something discreet like that so i don't stand out as much as i use to when i was cough*emolike*cough. But why hide? why not just go crazy sometimes?

THIS belt! Was a gift and it was kind of a bitch at first because it have to sit on specific place or else your hips looks gigantic enormous! Well i may be a little bigger than many of you but i think it work in the end after i placed it around me for the 100th time or something.

Okay you can laugh but if you are a nerd THESE socks are freaking cool okay?! I don't know what to match with these socks yet but i'll find a way to style them! Im waiting for my Hogwarts Sweatshirt to come so maybe they will match perfectly! House Pride! They will definitely make me stand out xD

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