Saturday 26 April 2014

Extremely annoying little birdy!

So for the last week we have had this little bird going crazy at our window. It seems that it can see it's own reflection in the window and keeps fighting the other bird in the reflection.. but it's really annoying when it starts as soon the sun comes up and ends when the sun goes down so the window can't reflect the bird anymore.

But i got this briliant idea. I could place something scary right on the other side of the window. What could it be? Well i have this figure of Harry Potter. Maybe it would help! Well it did.. a half day or something. So my mom got really pissed and found my old toy cat and places it in the window xD  Now there is no bird around our house... at all... xD


  1. Oh my god... That is just... Really weird how you try to scare the bird away while we have about 100 birds living by our house, constantly eating and pooping on our windows, our cars and whatever... We still love them and they don't give a shit that Garfield sits in the window anyway, soooo, don't think that we actually can scare them off!

    1. It was very loud! We have never tried anything like this before D: im sure it would have killed itself from exhaustion!