Tuesday 22 April 2014

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Test time!

I found my old calender i used to write down my homework in 8 or 9 grade. I can't remember but it is filled with a lof of girly stuff like makeup tips and the classic tests like in the teen magazines.
I found one i didn't answer back then and maybe you want to join me?

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?
1. Do you play the lottery?

a. Yes it is exciting!
b. I have done it a few times.
c. no never!
I have actually done it a few times when i turned 18 because i was legal and there was a ridiculous lot of millions in the game! So B.

2. Do you often complain?

a. I don't want to waist my time on that.
b. Sometimes. like when it have been raining for weeks.
c. Well yes. But the sky is gray quite often
Well i like complaining xD  not like "this food sucks" because i have manners but i do complain about my look all the time. But i just think that is a girl thing? Or maybe it's just me. But it is not all the time so B.

3. There is a vote in your class for something you really want but someone else gets choosed instead.

a. Good for you! I'm happy for you.
b. maybe it's my turn text time.
c. Typical!
Well i think im B here too. Because i would be kind of sad if it was something i really wanted to do, but i would not say anything. Maybe act like A, but be a little disappointed inside.

4. Do you believe some are born lucky and som a born unlucky?

a. I have never thought about it, but i do believe im quite lucky.
b. nope. It has something to do with your attitude.
c. yes and im born unlucky.
Sometimes i think im the most unlucky person in the world.. like when your stalker suddently appears after years of being forgotten.. But well.. im lucky enough that it i not every day! So im boring and says B again i think.

5. Your friend gets the guy you like.

a. I'm happy for her! He is totally hot and they look great together.
b. Well.. i  think im happy for her?
c. Fuck her! He was mine.
Well i would have seen C because fuck her xD  but im too shy to do anything about it anyway. So i would be bitter.. but then be happy for her because she can do something i can't. So something between A and B.

A's: 7 black cats and 5 smashed mirrors would not scare you. You are born optimistic.
B's: You are just a realist. You have your bad days and you have your good days.
C's: You can almost see the gray cloud above your head. The whole world is against you! You pessimist.

Oh well.. comment what you got? xD

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