Tuesday 15 April 2014

Why do you want to be a travelguide?

Many who knows me, have been asking me about this. I have been talking about working with computers and maybe being a mediagrafiker for years but the last few year it has changed. Not that i don't want to work with computers, cause i still like it a lot! But i have this idea, that i want to be a travelguide.
It doesn't seem like a thing i would do or can do, so why?

Well i have been hiding for too long now! Really! When i started in 10. grade i quickly got less depressed or what we should call it. I found out how closed i was. Like i didn't want to raise my hand 'cause i was afraid to say anything i class and if the teacher chose me to answer og read out loud from a text, i got all shaky and sweaty. yeah...
But 3 years in Gymnasium did not change that! I really wanted to change that cause me grades was affected by it and not in the good way! I have explain my shyness sooo many times to the teachers that kept asking me why i didn't say anything in class cause me assignments showed i could and bla bla.. and im really sad about it, 'cause i don't want to be shy! I really wanted to say something and get some good grades but every time in class im stuck in these thoughts!

"You know the answer Helene! Just raise your hand! Now! Before anyone else do it! But what if it is wrong? God that would be embarrassing. I don't want to look stupid. But i think it's right?" And then the question has been answerd ages and i am pissed at myself afterward becuase it was the right answer i had.

Now that the gymnasium is over and half of my grades are shit, i can't stop thinking about how much i suck. I really want to be able to stand in front of a bunch of people without shaking and just talk my mind.
So i found the guideschool Service&Co. As a guide and on this school you can't just hide. You have to stand i front of people and talk becuase they count on you! You know something about the place you are, that they don't know, and you have to stand in front of them all and tell them. You need to take the lead and you are the only one who knows where to go! I simple can't escape the situation and i guess that if you are in the situation often enough you get use to stand in front of people and talk and eventually you stop shaking and sweating when you do it!

I really hope i can overcame myself and book that flight to Spain so i can get rid of this stupid fear! I think i might go in October if i dare! Just the thought of it makes my heart race!

Face the challenge - go for your dreams

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