Thursday 3 April 2014

DIY: Jeans to overalls shorts!

So i wanted to do this for a long time and i finally did it! I have too many jeans i don't use anymore because of my weight loss so why not make something out of them instead of throwing them out?

I got the legs of them at the same length as my favorite shorts +3cm to sewing the edges up as a detail.

The upper part is a piece of one of the legs and i used a part of the other leg as the suspenders. It was not long enough though so i had to sew a piece of the leftovers from the other leg in the end of the suspenders but it dosen't look so bad i think :3

But if you want to make them yourself then remember to measure up because it will end up like a disaster o.o

Btw! the button thingy in front is named overall buckles on ebay ;-D got mine at the local hobby store though

Fun fact! The buttons is from when i was a scout xD  you get a "meeting button" every half year
if you have been to the meetings every week without missing one! I was a total geek and had too
many of them, so i had 4 that could not be on my uniform because it was full!!!

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