Tuesday 20 August 2013

The Key of Awesome did it again! -Song of the day!

Sooo i don't know if im the only one who is subscribed to The Key of Awesome, but i think they are really good at making parodies!!
In my blog challenge i had a "crazy confession" about how i like to stalk fandoms like Directioners and Belibers, and it actually started with the key of awesome xD
They made a parody of One Direction and i saw how people was fighting in the comments bellow the video, so i found it very funny to follow these crazy fandoms to see more online fights!

Along with that i became a fan of The Key of Awesome and TODAY they made another One Direction parody! Its just so freaking cool! i had to watch the actual music video to get it, but they have done a great job! I love it!

And of course it is a bonus that Travis and Monroe is in the video! ;-D
Click click!!

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