Monday 19 August 2013

Hitting the twenties!

It hurts... really really much!
And i know there is many out there who thinks "maah im older than you brat!" but let me complain! It's not every day you go from being a teen to... what ever i am now? I KNOW im not an adult.. like... i will never be, but i can't say "i have to sleep this much, im a teen!" It use to be my weekend motto.

But i had a really great time! My birthday was the 12th and my dads the 10th, so we had a little family party the 11th, that means the only thing i did on my birthday was eating at SunSet.

The day after i invited all the girls to a Chinese restaurant, Jiang Nan and i think the waiters was a bit tired of us in the end, because we were there at 6pm, but did not leave until 9.30pm or something xD   maybe we made a bit noise, but.. naaah xD

The worst thing about birthdays is the fact, that im a giver, not a taker... so i hate making wishlists and people asking what i want for my birthday, so my family just gave me money, so i can.. store them away forever xD

BUT i did actually get some things to unpack because people have a great memomry! This is just a little outtake, because i don't want to take pictures of all of it.. lazyness hurray!
One if the things i got, but don't have yet (weird) is some Underground England shoes, which had to be a size smaller and send back, but i had them for like 5 minutes and i know im gonna love them, when the right size is coming! xD
I love the fact that there is a London Streetmap in the bottom of the shoes!!
And i just want to share one more thing, because one of my friends (Ayla<3) were very creative and made a very personal and homemade gift! 
When she ask what i wanted for me birthday, i can't remember what i said, but something like.. "anything Harry Potter related" Take a look!

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