Monday 5 August 2013

Disney Leggings!

I have always thought that the trend of going with leggings without any shorts or skirt was a little weird and don't fit everyone (me!), but im totally falling in love with these Disney leggings from HotTopic!!

I have seen a lot of youtubers like Anna Akana and Kalel (from WonderlandWardrobe) wearing those kind of leggings, not with Disney though, but Anna have some with Star Wars.

Of course there is a lot of other kinds of leggings on HotTopic, not only Disney! But im just a huge Disney fan! :D If you want to check out the cool leggings or just want to see what HotTopic is, then just click on the logo below!
Ps. I know the blog looks kind of shitty right now, but im working on a new header and stuff!!

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