Tuesday 20 August 2013

GET OUT OF MY WAY! - pool experience

I have been on vacation the same place for the last 8 years! Rüdesheim! I don't mind it, because it is close to France where we can visit the family, and there is this great pool near the campsite! Since we started camping there i've always loved the pool! If it was just a little cold i could have it all for myself, but when it is just a little warm, there is always hundreds of people. And i'm not that shy when i'm on vacation, so sure i have someone i can have some fun with, because im an only child so i'll never bring a ball myself, so i'll just ask if i can join.

But something is going on my nervs! I really enjoy swimming and when i'm in the pool i have a goal of swimming 1 km before i'm doing anything else! So luck for me the pool is divided into two. A place for children and place to play, and a place for serious swimming. The lifeguards make sure, that the people playing ball are in the playing area, but there is one that is anying... desperate girls...

In the swimming area there is a lot of guys swimming and it's also in this area you can make crazy jumps into the water because of the depth, so of course there is a lot of girls who wants the guys attenction, but they are not in the water! Thet are sitting all around the pool edge only with their feets in the water! So if you want to swim, you can't take a break on the pool edge, because there is desperate girls sitting everywhere!

I know i sounds like a crazy old lady, but it is really annoying! I believe, that the guy will see you if he want to even though you are sitting on the pool edge or a few meters away. He will look at your tits! Don't worry! But please get your ass off the pool edge, if you can see someone is trying to swim! You can be the cause of death if they can't get into the edge! Try playing Sims just once and you will know!


  1. Oh you poor miserable thing! Although, for someone who needs a break every 50m when swimming, I do understand your frustratons. XD Cant you just dive right under the surface and bite their feet one by one until they realize there's a piranha in the water??

    1. A fun fact... When some of them are in the water and just hanging there with their backs turned toward me, i sometimes dive very close to them and breath out at the same time and then quick swim away... Then it looks like they are farting :3