Friday 26 July 2013

Home from a warm vacation!

Soooo im home!
Been to Rüdesheim again just for relaxing. We have seen almost everything down there, so we were not driving so much around. Just swimming in the pool and get some color all day, and when it was cool a bit down in the evening i was running on my inliners <3
I cant describe how great it feels running om inliners along the Rhine! I really love the air down there. Here in Denmark you are sweating when its 25 degrees outside because the air is so humid!
The warmest day we had down there was 38 degrees, and we where going home because they said it would be around 40 in this weekend o.o
Its crazy!!
The walk from the camping site to Rüdesheim centrum

One of the best restaurants :3 

Drosselgasse. I love this picture because of the asian guy!

The view from the gondola lift 

I found this little cute thing on my walk to Assmannshausen

Just hanging around over a vineyard

From the Camping site when im on my inliners!

One of the many tourist boats filled with asian people! :o

Just because... fuck milk allergy!

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