Friday 12 July 2013

New in from the Secondhand shop

Bwaaaah! Im so happy :3
I have been in some secondhand shops otday and found some really nice stuff!
Not clothes... but Manga!! AAAAH!
I found the first 3 books if the I.N.V.U. series. I have read this one looong time ago! I remember that i liked it, but i can't remember what it is about xD

Aaaand i found book 4 and 6 in my favorite manga series<3 Kare first love! I will collect them, when i find them, because they are a bit too expensive as new and you have to get them online, because they are not in stores anymore :(

Then i found  game i played when i was little :3  Sim Park! Do anyone know this game? The frog who is comming up in the corner to say, that you need to take care of your bears or the visiters are throwing trash in the wild :o  I really loved it, but i think my laptop is too new to play it.. sooo .. maybe my stationary?

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