Wednesday 3 July 2013

Fasion = wannabes

I don't really know what to call this post, but i have just thought about some things when i read all those fasion blogs!
I do not put names on them, but there is a lot of fashion bloggers who write about all this so called fashion they have seen in some magazine or one special model... things that inspire them, but all those blogs is about the same clothes! Or maybe its just me?
What people want to see on the blogs are just the same shit all over agian! >.< (sorry)

My blog is not a fashion blog in any way... but i really want to share this site.
Its called !!
Its different! Its something you never see here in Europe but i really want to see it! I like how people have their own style and not two people on the street have the same shirt.

I think there is too many going around in the same from H&M and.. im not saying there is something wrong with H&M.. but i would like to see more different things om the street.
Because.. when everyone buy their clothes the same place, and there comes one person with this super special clothes, then this super special is wrong in somes eyes.

Please open up for some differences!!

Back to its pictures from some of the parts of Tokyo where the young people hang out. Harajuku is the most known place but there is also Shibuya and other places! A kawaii girl are going around taking pictures of people and i think its sooo cool!
If you go in there and click on a style you like, you will come to a some more pictures taking up close!

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