Sunday 13 October 2013

Well well well...

I love writing... not only blogs but novels, short stories and all that. I think many people knows that. But i have never thought that i was very good at it, and well... i know a few people who is extraordinary good at it so i have been writing a lot the last few years to become better, then i discovered A page where you can publish yours short stories and get response from other young people who also loves to write. I have been on that page for a long time now, but the response on my stories have not been many. Not many have noticed my stuff and i started to realize why.
Movellas is dominated by fan fiction writers and i could see the most popular stories on the front page was all fan fictions.

So yeah... i did something many will hate me for. I started to write fan fictions almost a half year ago... about One Direction... yes...

I know that many.. or.. most of my friends want to throw up as soon they hear the name of that boyband, so i made another user on Movellas to write the fan fictions.
I wrote on my user, that i was not a fan but i wanted to write fan fictions for them and people was nice to me and gave me inspiration which i did not own for a long time before this. i Started writing what people wanted to read and the response was massive, quick and great! And im actually proud to say that one of my stories made it to the front page as the thrid most popular at the month a while ago!
But well.. in the start i got a lot of comments on my stories saying that maybe i should read a bit about the boys before i was writing, because some of the things was very wrong and weird to them... apparently they don't play things like skyrim.. they play Fifa... some kind of football game... Well.. maybe they were right.

So yes i have seen nearly thousand interviews with them and reading other writers fan fictions. Some of them was actually very good! But okay... i enjoy reading stupid romantic stuff and 99.9% of the fan fictions are stupid romantic stuff so of course i liked some of them.

Am i a fan now? I don't know... am i?
I really enjoy reading and writing about them and i don't think i will stop as long someone will read my stories.
But i don't think their music is something special and i will never go to a concert with them.
The posters will never hang on my wall and i don't care about gossip unless it could be great to add in a fan fic.

Still... i felt ashame about all this right from the start. Not just because i wrote what people wanted and not what i wanted, but also because it is so popular to hate today. I hated them because everyone else did. I did not know anything about them, i just hated them.
But now that i (not on purpose in the first place) confesed i am writing fan fictions about them, i remember back in 8. grade when i started being Tokio Hotel fan. It was popular to hate them and every one was teasing me because i liked them, but i did not care in the end, so why should i care now?

I can tell you now, that im proud of my stories and im glad that people like them. More to come if someone gives me new ideas.
If you really want to read them, then let me know somehow. Im still a little shy about my stories and have been very anonymous even for those who have been reading them. The fact that no one knows who i am when i was writing was just so calming. I should not face people who had a comment, but i feel i have to do that now. It was kind of a safezone for me.
I even attended competitions on that user which had nothing to do with fan fictions... just to make sure that no one i know could comment on it :/

And now that it's out.. i can show you another thing... a picture of me trying to do a makeover and i don't think many have seen me with anything else but eyeliner... another safezone totally destryed... you're welcome

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