Friday 25 October 2013

Harry Potter Festival 2013

I realized that i totally forgot to write about this! Really, Helene? Yes... im an idiot...

I have known about this festival for over a year, but i have never been able to go to it because i did not know anyone who lived nearby! Because it is in Odense and that is pretty far away from me. Almost 3 hours in train...
So yeah maybe i took advantage of one of my friends who is now going to the university in Odense ... Thank you i love you! ;-*  (you know i was not there only for the festival!!)

I did not know what to expect! I saw some pictures from 2012 and the roleplay was looking pretty damn good! So i though it would be like going in Hogsmeade or something like that! i though i would be able to buy the candy that JK Rowling described in the books and showed in the movies! I would like to have some real Bertie Butt's beans or the chocolate frogs! I may have though they would sell some real merch... but no...

Most of it was only for children.. like... really small children but i had fun anyway! Mostly because i was visiting my friend, but the end of the weekend with the Harry Potter concert was... AMAZING! As soon i heard the start of Hedwig's Theme... i had a meltdown! Everything from my childhood came back! The joy of seing a new Harry Potter movie or the first time my mother was reading the books for me! Simply magical!
And as my friend said.. when the concert ended and we walk out from the concert hall it was the same empty feeling we had, like when we saw the last movie and came out from the cinema...

Both my friend and i are going around with serious thoughts about being roleplay actors at next years festival! I have a half costume so why not complete it and use it? If i get the chance i'll do it!!

(I stole some of the pictures from one of the girl i was there with! sssh)

House pride!

"No pictures"-sign... pppfh... the concert was not started when i took this picture!!

Professor Pomona Sprout


Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy! And... some Slytherin girl...

Nymphadora Tonks

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  1. Love you too. :) (In a strictly platonic way obviously. :P) It was great having you over, I had so much fun! I'm keeping my eye out for any option to join the role-play crew next year! Keeping my fingers crossed!