Tuesday 15 October 2013

The house slave got some new stuff!!

Hahah... and the house slave is me... not that im doing much at home, but mom wanted me to clean the bathroom once and for all and it was the most disgusting thing i have ever done... i don't think we have ever cleaned the top of the little closet before and im so sore in my wrists after cleaning it... BUT!
Because of the beautiful result my mom bought me Assassin's Creed 3 Washington Edition!!!
I have only played it a few times before with some friends but it is much better than the first one :o (i jumped from the first to the third even though i have the second one too...)  but the fact that i have to add another account to ANOTHER gaming website is just... argh!
Im just starting getting to like Steam and now Uplay? jesus.. why can't it all just connect to one of them?

But when we went buying the game... for only 50DKK btw!!!!... I need pants! Like seriously... im not a person who cares that much about what i wear anymore... but i have lost a lot of weight the last few years and i only had 3 pair of pants i did not drop when i was walking xD  but now that i ripped one of them i think i had to buy some new ones! I use to wear a lot of black, but i wanted to try something new and bought a pair of green and a pair of purple jeans :3
The fun thing is that its the same kind of pants... from the same company... but two different sizes o.o

And btw... bought this ugly ass skirt a while ago... i don't know what i was thinking but it was on sale, buuuut i can't find a was to style it without looking like a giant! (the picture is taking from the "good side" if you know what i mean xD)

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