Friday 21 July 2017

Graduation and my mini European road trip

Quick update!
Long time no see.
I have been very busy with my studies the last half year because it was the end of it. I can now say that i have an academy degree in service and tourism management!
The vacation this year was well deserved in my opinion and was a lot different than my summer vacations usually are.
Every summer we use to go to my dad's family in Frence and stay at a camp site on the German side of the boader, but this year we actually went to 5 different countries in just 2½ week.
Germany, Austra, Schwitzerland, Liechtenstein and France.

We visited the area near the Bodensee and camped on the german side of the lake in a city called Lindau, while driving around from there. Bodensee is a lake shared between Germany, Austria and Schwitzerland, so we didn't have to drive very far to get to another country. We actually got lost a few times and accidentally ended up in Austria.

We visited the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, St. Gallen and Rheinfall in Schwitzerland, Bregnz in Austria, took a short trip to Vaduz in Liechtenstein and did a photoshoot in Colmar in Frence. I will talk about all these things in differnt posts that will come out soon.

Of course we ended up in Rüdesheim again afterwards and stayed there for a week and justed relaxed and tried to do as little as possible which we deserved at that point! It was really awesome to have a full vacation without thinking too much about the academy stuff like last year where we had to hurry home so i could start my internship in the middle of July.

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