Wednesday 26 July 2017

Colmar - my adventure as Belle

While we were roaming around near the southern German boarder we went a short trip over the boarder to France. Because of the massive interest about Beauty and the Beast now that the new Disney Original movie came out this year, we have seen some articles talking about this small old village that might have been the inspiration for Belles village in the original Disney cartoon back in the days. The small village is of course Colmar.
Mostly known is the Schwendi Fountain that should be the one Belle is seen sitting at and reading out laud for some sheeps.

Colmar is also known as "little Venice" as the river Lauch goes through the town in small channels and you are able to buy a small sailing trip around the town. There was a lot of people in line for the boats even though the weather wasn't the best, so it may be a good idea to get there in early if you want to see Colmar from the water.

One thing that was a little annoying was that the restaurants around the channels only serves flammkuchen; A pizza like dish with creme fraiche instead of tomato sauce. They told us to leave at the first restaurant because we said we just wanted something to drink if we couldn't get anything else but flammkuchen because i'm allergic to milk products. But we gave up trying to find a restaurants near the water that had anything else, so i had to eat it anyway.

As i said before there is a rumour that Colmar may have been the inspiration for Disney's Beauty and the Beast cartoon movie, so i thought i wanted to have a little fun with it.
Some years back i auditioned to be a Disney Princess at Disneyland Paris (didn't get the part) and back then i sewed my own Belle costume and slowly became a cosplayer (costume player) and did many more costumes after this. So why not bring my Belle costume to Colmar and have a little photoshoot and make some people happy?

So i packed my costume and got dresses on a parkinglot near the center of Colmar and wandered around the old part of the town near the channels. People glared at me and smiled while taking pictures as discreet they could. Other asked me for pictures, selfies and group pictures. Some children even started to scream Belle's name! It was such a fun experience! I have only ever cosplayed at conferences before so going out in public was nerve wrecking! I had my mom and dad walking along way behind me taking pictures of it all.
Schwendi Fountain

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