Wednesday 22 March 2017

Cosplay Photoshoot: Genderbend Nathan Drake

Some time ago when it was the coldest weather me and my photographer friend Ayla to take some cosplay pictures.I have been working at this cosplay for some time last year and was wearing it at Comic Con Cophenhagen. It was my first time i have cosplayed at a convention so i felt kind of awkward when people took picutres of me and with me.

Nathan Drake is known for jumping around in ruins the most exotic places and Denmark is not exactly known to be the most exotic place on earth, but you don't haveto drive too far to find some old ruins. We ended up at the ruins of Bishop Jørgen Friss castle from 1528.
You can't drive all the way to it because it is in the middle of a lake with a small bridge leading to it.
It is a very popular place for active walkers so we did meet a few people on our way there and i was wearing my winter coat but had the makeup on so i looked bruised which made people look one more time.

Anyway. It was minus degrees and i was taking my coat on and off all the time. It was SO cold!! But i survived without getting sick and Ayla edited a couple of pictures you can see below.

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