Sunday 1 March 2015

The new job as a service guide

Well it's not all new.

A few weeks ago i got a job as a Service guide in a mall. It's not something that is common in Denmark, so people don't really know why i'm there yet, but that only makes it more fun!
You meet so many kinds of people and they are all so postive when they meet you and hear why i'm actually there.

I really like helping people and that's kind of why i ended up on Service & CO guideschool. Though i did not get a job ontside Denmark (yet) i can still be a guide and that makes me happy! Also i can save up some money to go traveling sometimes next year - but more about that later!

One thing i have made a thought or two about is the uniform...  Not that it's ugly but green is not my colour and will never be! But i guess the colour makes it easier for people to notice me.

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