Monday 16 March 2015

A pretty good concert year 2015

I have to say - for once the time can only go by too slow!

I am a big music lover and i live for two things.. Traveling and concerts! Seing a band live is so much better than hearing the CD on repeat. I already have some big bands and musicians on my list of concerts. Bon Jovi, Tokio Hotel, Green Day, Joan Jett, Linkin Park and Bryan Adams are some of them... i really need to write this stuff down, because some of them is sooo long ago now.

Anyway i have a few conerts planed for this year! Actually my top 3 artists right now, so i feel pretty lucky! Here is my top 3!

1. If you know me, you will know about this. 5 Seconds of Summer is coming to Denmark May 12th! I got the tickets back in July and they were sold out in 3 days. They are my favorite thing right now and their twitter is the first thing i check in the morning to be honest! (I know i'm sad) So this is THE concert for me this year! And it's only a plus that i'm going with one of my oldest friends Camilla!

2. It was hard to pick a second but i have to say Black Veil Brides is a band im also super and over excited to see March 29th. They have been in Denmark 2 times before where i planed to go but first time they canceled the same morning, because the leadsinger Andy was sick. Lucky for me i was an active user of twitter back then and saw that the bassist wrote on twitter, that Andy was not even in Denmark yet. There was no way he could get there in time so i stay home from school for nothing! Second time i could not afford the train ride to Copenhagen... BUT THIS TIME!!! I will get there and i am going alone! Because no one i know likes them that much. *sadface*

3. Im sorry i had to put these guys third but All Time Low is finally coming to Denmark!! Or it's first time i hear about at least.
I have been a smaller fan of these guys for sooo long. It was back when i discovered Tokio Hotel and started to listen to.. well that kind of music. Around 7-8 years ago? I started to go back to them this year and i preorderd their new album that comes out in April and im excited for the concert!
Well it is a festival and im going with my friend Maja since she likes them too! I guess Robbie Williams is coming that day as well, but All Time Low is the reason i want to go to this Festival (Tinderbox) that was unknown to me until Maja told me that All Time Low was coming to Denmark June 28th.

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