Sunday 8 March 2015

Next trip: Berlin!

I have finally got my mom and dad out of their cave agian and made plans for us. Last time i dragged them to London for their first ever big city experince and though they thought it was "not a vacation" and "to much walking" i convinced them to go to Berlin this spring.

My dad is very interested in second World War (and hard rock cafe *cough*) and i have a craving for traveling everywhere outside Denmark really. I have been there 3 times before, so i can show them around, like i could in London.

I haven't found out completely what we are going to do/see in Berlin yet. My mom and dad are really to calm when they travel anywhere and doesn't want to make plans until the day arrives because planing is too stressfull, Though i need to have some ideas and find out where to find them in Berlin, because we don't get to see anything if i don't do something.

Until now i only know that my dad wants to visit Check point Charlie and the Hard Rock Cafe which doesn't take 6 days.

(Old picture from 2012)

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