Wednesday 19 November 2014

Firewalk - 600 degrees hot coal

So one of the first things we did to get out of our comfort zone at the guideschool. FIREWALK.

We got it presented as walking on 600 degrees hot coal and it was totally not dangerous if we do it right.
So what is the right way to walk on coal?
DO NOT crumb your toes! Then the coal can get stuck under your toes and then you will burn yourself.
Don't go to slow or too fast. I guess i walked a bit too fast and i got burn under my right foot! Only a little blister but enough to make it uncomfortable the rest of the day.

And the last thing... just do it! I didn't think about it at all until after i did it. I was afraid afterwards and started to shake a little. In the end of the coalpath there was a bucket with water and one of our instructors to give a hug. It was needed indeed! There was one who fainted after walking and was carried away. It was crazy to see how different people can react to this experience.

 If you ever get the chance to do it... go for it! I'm glad i did it!

Look at those cold hard faces of me and my roommate Gitte! Grrrh!

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