Sunday 23 November 2014

Andorra trip - River rafting

In the middle of my stay in Spain we took a little trip to Andorra. If you don't know what it is, it's a little independent state between France and Spain. They are not a part of EU, but they do have euros. It's kind of strange but yeah. So i can say, that i have officialy been outside Europe!
(And a quick note. Do NOT text or call anyone from there! It is expensive!)

There was a lot of police and security at the border to Androrra. Mostly out of Andorra. It's supposed to be a lot cheaper to shop in Andorra, so a lot of people are bringing too much out of the state, so they have a lot of limitations on how much alcohol, cigarettes and CANDY you can buy. Yes.. Candy.. good lord.  

Anyway, i was not impressed by the prices on the stuff in Andorra. Mostly because i don't care about brands at all. Okay in Computers and IT maybe. But not clothes, jewelry, make-up and all that stuff. I still think it was very expensive, but maybe it's because i don't know what brands use to cost in Denmark or Spain. I only got a shirt with long sleeves because i was really cold and a bit of chocolate there.

But it was also close to the border where we were going river rafting! I do believe it was a olympic training place. We were told so. I was a little afraid of it in the start... River Rafting? Me? No... but then again..

It was really fun! A lot of work for the arms but you can't do anything else but enjoy it! If you ever get that chance to try river rafting. DO IT! For the love of god. And you got to wear this really sexy wet suit... well.. it is a wet suit.. i can't promise you sexy.. in any way.. 

On our way through the pyrenees to Andorra

It does not matter where in Andorra you are. Mountains everywhere! So beautiful!

Maybe not sexy but definitely wet suits... xD

A great picture of the whole crew trying to pull Laura indside the boat again! xD

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