Thursday 13 November 2014

Back in Denmark!

Wow it's been a long time since i wrote on this blog and i'm sorry!
But now i'm back in Denmark after the best month in my life at Service & Co guideschool.

I'm not going to lie.. It was crazy hard and i was almost giving up at some point but i had the most amazing roommate that kept me going. Thank you!

The classes was really interesting and the instruktors knew what they were talking about and were funny at the same time! Maybe it was because they were "politically incorrect teacher". They surprised us more than once in that matter. Some of the surpises was fun.. others... not so fun.. at two am..


This month was filled with some fun experience too! Like River Rafting, firewalk, ziplining, trip to amusement park, Barcelona, Andorra and a whole lot of dancing! 
In going to talk a lot more about this when i get the pictures! 

In the end. Now i have an education. Im a guide now! And the whole world can be my workplace from now on! I just need to find out where to go from here. 

I'll cut it here. I'm really sick and have been since two days before i came home. I used the last evening in bed while all the others were partying :C
The morning after we were all crying. We didn't want to go home and we were living shoulder by shoulder so it was really weird to come home where there was nobody. SO there was alot of drying in the airport. It was hard saying good bye to a great roommate even though we don't live that far from each other. 

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