Friday 10 October 2014

Service & CO: the first few days

One thing i have to say.. i should not sit here and write this. I don't really have any free time and we just got a book we have to read really quick too but i just want to make a quick update.

The hotel is super great and i don't think i could get a better roommate so that is nice!
It is a really big challenge for me to be here because there is so many situations i really hate but i think it's healty for me to try becuase i wish i could be like many of the others and could be this really funny and energetic guide there is a super preformer, but i'm not.

We had the microphone in the hand from day 1 and i have never been forced to be this social before in my life (only child problem) so having a roommate is really new and being forced to talk this much in group work is still not something i enjoy, but all the personality lessons we have had in the start makes people accept my shyness on a level i have never experienced before! It's crazy how people i normally never would talk to are just so open and nice to me.

Anyway, the lessons is extremely secret for us, so we still dont know what we are doing tomorrow and the day after. It is kind of a surprise to us every day. Which is really hard for me when im a C person. (And im sure this dosn't make sence if you don't know what DiSC is.)

And in the end.. here is some pictures!

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