Monday 6 October 2014

Den blå planet - Copenhagen

So today is my last day in Denmark, now that i'm going to the guideschool tomorrow morning.
I have been in Copenhagen all day and my hotel is really close to the airport, which is nice, but also to the  new aquarium Den blå planet that opened in 2013 (in english; The Blue Planet).

It is really big and is divided into different parts of the world depending on where the fishes are from. On different times at day they show how they feed the different fishes and what they eat. We saw them feed the sharks in the biggest basin where you could stand underneath them in this corridor. It looks so good when a huge stingray swims just above you! It looks like they are smiling :)

They also had a indoor rainforest with a lot of red piranhas. You could see them be fed but i didn't stay to see it because i was there at noon and they would first be fed around 4.30pm or something.

I also saw the biggest otter i have ever seen! Sadly it was outside and now that the weather isn't so good in Denmark in fall and 'den blå planet' is right by the sea the wind was crazy and i feared that my beanie would fly away.

In the evening we ended up at Cafe Le Perr which was close to the hotel too and the food there was really good! I really need to take some pictures in some of the places i visit but i can just say that their salmon is really great!

Im sorry if my english is bad in this post, but this is being written really quick now that i have to get up pretty early tomorrow and the internet on the hotel is btw shit! The bed is really good though.

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