Sunday 5 October 2014

Nature phenomen: 'Sort sol' in southern Jutland

On our way back from Flensborg the other day we stopped to eat dinner in Aventoft. We have been in Aventoft quite a few times before. They have a good restaurant and not many knows the place so the stores are not filled with people like the bigger boarder shops.

We normally drive to Germany in the summer so this time was a bit different. Hundreds of people gathered just outside the restaurant. My mom remembered that it was the saeson for 'sort sol' which is a nature phenomen you only see in very northern Germany or Southern Jutland.
Aventoft is not even a kilomet from the boarder so these people were standing in Germany and watching the starlings gather in Denmark in a very small area and fly like a wave in the wind. It looks amazing! We finished eating really quick to come outside to see Sort sol.

Bad quality, but you can get an idea of how the birds move together.

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