Tuesday 1 July 2014

Monthly Favorites: June

Best experience: There have been a lot of activities around the campside this month so i will say Karup Å Koncert! Most of the family were there and i met some of my old friends again which was nice! The concert was good as always! So great times!

Favorite movie: I think it was my newest movie in my Tim Burton collection Abraham Lincoln The vampire hunter! It's speciel and the fight scenes are just funny! But also that it is so histoical correct even though it is a supernatural movie. Its great!

Favorite TV-series: This month i started watching Once Apon a time! It's hard to explain what it is about. But basicly it's a town full of people from fairytales but they can't remember that they are from a fairytale because of the evil witch from Snowwhite. But this little boy kind of knows who they are because of a book i found. It was recommended by my PenPal and im really enjoying it!

Favorite song: 5 Seconds of Summer - End up here

Favorite actor: Robert Carlyle! He is playing Rumpelstiltskin in Once Apon A Time and he is so creepy! I can't decide if he is bad or good which makes him more creepy. 

Favorite band/singer: This month 5 Seconds of Summer made their first CD and it is the best! I haven't been listning to anything but them the last... 5 days xD

Favorite youtuber: Cryaotic! He is one of pewdiepies mates and he have the voice of a god *.*  I could hear him talk forever! That's why he also have some storyteller videos. They are so good!!

Favorite youtube video: I found out that a Youtuber named FunForLouis i have been following for some time is friends with one of my old favorite youtubers OlgaKay and she is from Russia. They made this video where they compares animalsounds from Russia and England. A little sidekick from Cyr with japanese. But it's hilarious when they hear what the horse says in japanese and Louis makes the most epic face. I haven't been laughing so much before i think!

Favorite game: I have been playing a lot of Harry Potter lately so yeah! The deathly Hollow part 1 is really great!

Best buy: My new phone! *.*  i have needed that for a while even though the old one wasn't that old :C  It just hated me i think... Actually i borrowed some money form my dad untill my birthday, because i don't really have the money right now. And the Cover i got for the phone! omg i love it so much! 

Favorite tea: Uh hard. I haven't been drinking so much different this month because of the warm weather! But yorkshire tea is the favoirte when im gaming! 

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